April 4, 2012

Don’t forget, CrossFit Kids begins next Friday, the 12th!

Be sure to email Emma if you’re interested in purchasing one of our CrossFit Kids punch cards, or if you have any more questions about the details of our CrossFit Kids program!


On a Related Note……

We’re looking for board games, and other kids’ games to be donated to the Box. If you have any you don’t use anymore that are in good shape, with all the pieces intact, we’d love to have them!

That is our first project. Our next project is finding a TV stand on wheels, and kids dvd’s. If anyone has anything like this they’d like to donate to the Box we would much appreciate it! Trying to have a more pleasant (and distracted!) experience for the kiddos while mom and dad workout.


Max Ring Dips – 3 Attempts

*If you cannot do ring dips with a band, practice them*


AMRAP 8 Minutes

5 Handstand Push-ups (with 25 lb plates and abmat)

15 Burpee Box Jumps – 20/24


Post Max Dips and Rounds and Reps to Comments


41 Responses to “April 4, 2012”

  1. Emma

    Congrats Antonio!!!!!!!! He earned Tenure and is officially an Associate Professor! You’re AMAZING!

    On a side note…..we’re looking for a big cork board so that people can hang flyers and such at the Box for all to see. Let us know if you have one you’d like to get rid of or know someone who does!

  2. Mia

    Love this WoD too! Congrats Antonio! See everyone at the 6er-it’s cooler in the morning…and sometimes we do group hugs

  3. Antonio

    RD:: 16 RXD
    metcon:: 4 rounds RXD (I mistakenly did 15 box jumps without the burpees on the first round so I had some catch up to do. I guess I was too excited about my tenure and promotion ;)

  4. Vanessa

    5 ring dips rx’d pretty excite about those! Scaled the handstand pushups to a box with weights, i need to work on those, putting all that weight on my head kind of freaks me out! And thrusters at 63 instead of burpee box jumps to save the foot. 3 rds 7rps.

    Emma, so yu know theres a bike in the back, I’m going to pik it up this afternoon! And thanks Mia! And tell ashley it won’t get stolen!

  5. Jess K

    4 Ring Dips Rx’d and then 3 rounds, 5 reps with scaled HSPU’s on the GHD machine.

  6. Ashley

    Did 13 rd with thin red band, thanks for pushing me Holly!! 2 rnds with 7 reps with box!! Great job 6er’s!!!!

  7. Alisa

    Did 3 RD without band for the first time! Also was working on the HSPU minus the weights. It took me awhile, but I finished first round then had to scale to a box. 8 reps shy of 3 rounds. Excited that I accomplished two new things today!! Thanks for all the support 6ers!

  8. Kristin CFSI

    Great job, Alisa. Big accomplishment! And congrats ANTONIO…I think we now have an official reason to buy you those tear-away pants… :)

  9. Mia

    oooh tear away pants! I’m excited. Can you wear them on the same day as I wear my gold pants?

    3 ring dips rx’d. Then 3 rounds 9 reps rx’d. I’m just slow at burpees. I just go at a set pace, there is no fast or slow, just movement.

    Now, on to the ortho to find out if I need surgery for my rotator cuff. . .everyone think happy thoughts!

  10. Jenny V

    May I ask why everyone is looking forward to this WOD? There is absolutely nothing I’m excited about when it comes to this one… just wanted to throw that out there. Regardless, see you at the 5:00!!

  11. anna

    4 RDs with a purple band. 2 rounds 10 reps with small box pushups. Way to go, Alisa!

  12. Emma CFSI

    Everyone typing “RD’s” makes me think you’re talking about rounds for the second part……just say dips if you need to shorten it!

  13. miranda

    1 rx’d and 16 with thin red band. 3 rnds 4 reps rx’d, think I would have rather done this without the weights/mat, threw me off!

  14. Derek

    10 dips rx and 2 rounds rx’d, with about another round where I couldn’t lock my elbows on the pushups. Got my head off the ground though!

  15. Mia

    Henceforth Mia’s rx will be known as Mx’d for anything subbed due to it being overhead. . .stupid ass shoulder injury!

  16. Maureen

    1 rx’d and 20 with thin red band. First time trying ring dips without the band :) WOD 4 rounds 11 reps using the box for my push ups. Next time I will try the handstand push ups.

  17. Kathy

    6 dips w red band. 3 rounds, 11 rep with scaled push ups and 20in box jumps

  18. Tracy M

    Max ring dips was 12 w/ red band. WOD was 2rnds, 5 reps (scaled). Back is finally feeling back to normal so ready to push myself a little more now.

  19. AmyR

    1 ring dip rx’d, 12 with thin red band; 2 rounds 15 reps with box push ups

  20. jenn VB

    19 dips Rx’d and then 4 rounds 4 reps on the metcon kinda bummed I did not lock out the 5th HSP but oh well :)

  21. Jason P

    3 Rx’d on Dips then did 10 reps x 2 with thin purple band./ 3 rounds, 11reps. Scaled handstand pushups on GHD.

  22. Mary CFSI

    Ring dips: 15 Rx’d, 3 worse than last time which is what I deserve for using a band for dips during the warm ups lately. No more!
    Metcon: 3 rounds + 17 reps Rx’d. I really like the burpee box jumps.

  23. Chelsea Ro

    13 rx’d ring dips; 3rds 12reps for 2nd part (only missed 1 rep on hspu!). Then did Annie with Emma and Mallory (thanks for waiting around and doing this with me girls!!!) and got 5:40! Very excited about that. DU’s actually felt good today! Good day!

  24. Emma

    17 Rx’d. And 3 rounds and 4 reps Rx’d. Got stuck on my last handstand push-up for about 45 seconds :( But, my handstand push-ups are finally starting to improve since I’ve been practicing them, so I’m very happy about that.

  25. Karen

    3 ring dips with thin red band, and 4 rounds 1 rep using the GHD for push ups!

  26. Mallory

    5 ring dips rx’d then 2 rounds 4 reps rx’d. then annie with Chelsea and Emma at 8:13 rx’d

  27. Kristin CFSI

    13 ring dips Rx’d. 1 more than the last time we did this. Then 4 rounds, 9 reps Rx’d. I liked the second part of this wod. A lot. :)

  28. Pam

    4 ring dips with the thin red band, 2 rounds plus 12 reps with pushups on the 20″ box.


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