May 8, 2012

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Did everyone see the Super Moon this weekend????

Who’s Ready for the Squat Challenge?????

Please refer to Monday’s post for details.  Challenge begins on Wednesday, but we will accept sign-ups through Close of Business Friday.  Everybody loves SQUATS!


3 Rounds

Run 800 Meters

Rest One Minute

Immediately after your one minute rest on your final round, you have 5 minutes to establish a One Rep Max Clean and Jerk

*Final score will be time from 3 Rounds (including all three rest minutes) converted into seconds, minus pounds from highest successful lift x 5.  If you do not care about your final score, just tell your trainer what your time was upon completing the 3 rounds (including rest) and tell them what your highest lift was*


Post Run, Highest lift and Final Score to Comments


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  • Antonio

    Run::: 11:32
    1RM C&J::: 175 lbs (then, 180 lbs after the 5 minute cut off, new PR)
    Final Score ::: -183 points
    Good job, Holly! Impressive.
    Thanks for encouraging me to add weight, little Rabbit (KK).

  • Vanessa Frost

    run: 15:32; felt good! strangely enough, i’ve missed running
    1 RM C&J: 158, lower than my 1 rm but only 5, which i think isn’t too bad after 1.5miles.
    final score: 142

    thanks for wodding with me trish!

  • Emma

    Really good read guys. It is NOT about calories in and calories out. Not all calories are created equally!

  • Trish

    You’re welcome Vanessa! I had a blast wodding with you this morning!

    Run was 18:55; 1 rm C&J:143; for a grand total of 420

    Beth, I guess there was another minute of rest after the last 800m…sorry :(

  • Trish

    I particularly liked this quote, “The problem is, the solutions this multi-level campaign promotes are the same ones that have been used to fight obesity for a century—and they just haven’t worked.”

    Makes me think of Einstein’s definition of insanity–doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result…one of my favorite definitions.

    Great read, thanks!

  • Vanessa Frost

    whoops guys, my push jerk was 163, not my clean and jerk!

  • Derek

    My run time was 13:38 and my clean and jerk was 185 (got 195 after the cutoff). Didn’t post my score at the box because we had to get back to work, but it was -107.

  • Julie

    14:13 for the fun and 98lbs for clean and jerk, should have done more but ran out of time and was too busy watching holly,very impressive! Final score 363

  • Mia

    Seriously wishing I had stretched more post half marathon on Saturday because the cramp that ensued in my ass/leg/calf after round two of that run took me from within 15 seconds of Joel to being passed by a number of people! UG!

    13:58 including the last minute of rest, then 148lbs mx’d (squat clean) for a score of 98.

    Thats a 20lb PR from last week’s squat clean, so I’ll take that, and honestly, I think I could have done more! I like maxing out weight when I’m warm, not as the first thing in a workout.

  • Emma CFSI

    And that just makes your score more impressive Vanessa! Being able to do a clean at one weight and jerk at say, the same weight, does NOT mean that it’s easy to get that weight in a clean and jerk! It is taxing on the body to clean an incredibly heavy weight. To then go straight into the jerk versus just doing a jerk off the rack is much more difficult. I can clean 178 lbs. Does that mean that I’m going to be able to clean AND jerk 178? Probably not! I’ll be so damn tired after standing that weight up, it’ll be impressive if I can even get 10 lbs lighter than that.

  • Angela B.

    16:07 for the run. 103lb for the C&J…Total score of 452.

  • Emma CFSI

    Like Trish said, make sure the first part of your score is your run time including ALL THREE REST MINUTES. It says that on the board and in posted WoD.

  • anna

    18:46 for the run. 78 lbs. for the clean and jerk. No final score…just happy that running is getting easier and I’m lifting heavier weight than the last time I tried!

  • Kelli

    13:17 for the run and 103 for my 1 rep max……final score 282??? (darn you basic addition, subtraction and multiplication!)

  • Mallory

    Run was 16:27 c&j 133 lbs

  • Moss

    12:38 run, 215 cj, -317 score.

  • Mary CFSI

    Run: 13:55, clean & jerk 113 = 270 Rx’d

  • Kathy

    Thanks for the article, Emma! Didn’t make it in today, but ran many 800′s on my own :)

  • Jimmy

    12:11 run. 235 clean and jerk. Total -444

  • Jimmy

    And a PR on overhead squat after the wod 225

  • Dustin

    13:35 for the run. 295 lbs for c & J’s. -660 for score

    Thanks to Jimmy and Jen for the math help

  • Robin L.

    15:33 for run and 98 lbs clean and jerk…total score 433

  • Christina G.

    12:31 on the run. 103 for the clean and jerk. total score 236 rx’d

  • Jenny V

    16:45 for the run total an a clean and jerk of 118# for a total of 415. Ended up getting 128# after the 5 minutes. I hate running.

  • HHE

    13:19 for the run. 168lbs for the C&J. New pr. And then I got 178lbs for me clean. Very happy. Almost had 183lbs.

  • Craig

    13:51 run. 195lb for the C&J. (10lb PR)/-144 total score

  • Sedonia

    20:56 for run, 78lbs for clean and jerk.

  • Jenna L

    13:23 for the run and 108 lbs. for the clean and jerk. =]

  • Kristin CFSI

    12:51 on the runs and 158 lb max C and J. Total of -19 Rx’d I believe. Cleaned 163, but couldn’t jerk it. Power cleans felt much better, though. So…..For this week…..Antonio (1) and KK (well, not 1)……so far….. :)

  • Evan

    17:35 on the run and 105# on the clean and jerk = 530…thanks for all the help on my form :)

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